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Use Grammarly to Boost Sales With Better Copy

In this post, we’ll explore how to use Grammarly to improve engagement on your website. It doesn’t matter if your website is a blog or a web store; Grammarly can help you increase conversions. You don’t even need a paid plan to benefit from Grammarly. Have I caught your interest?

What is Grammarly and Is it Worth for Typical Business Websites?

Grammarly is an online grammar-checking application that helps you write high-quality content that is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free. 

One of the benefits of using Grammarly is that it’s easy to work into your daily routine. Grammarly has tools and software that make it seamless with your web browser and even your phone’s keyboard. Unlike some writing software, this one works with you wherever you like to work.

Why use Grammarly?

There are many reasons why you should be using Grammarly to check the quality of your blog posts. No matter how good you think your draft post or article is, there are bound to be mistakes that you don’t notice. Grammarly can help resolve issues like pronoun confusion, misspellings, and punctuation problems—and other errors that need fixing.

The features cover:

  • Writing style/formats
  • Vocab enhancements
  • Plagiarism checks
  • Reading levels
  • Cloud saves

How does Grammarly work?

There are two ways website owners can use the application: by integrating it with their browser or by using the downloadable version on your computer.

To use Grammarly with your browser: Once you download the plugin, select any text area on your website where you think there might be some errors. Click the icon that will appear—it will have a tail that points to the right. Clicking the icon will activate Grammarly, and it will start checking your text for potential problems.

Grammarly’s website also provides a writing space for you in which you can save your content and work on it from multiple devices. It’s not as sophisticated as Google docs, but if you just want a distraction-free environment to do your writing while receiving spelling and grammar suggestions, it does the job perfectly.

The second method is only available with an account. With this method, you can download the Grammarly application onto your computer or device so you can check your article offline before posting it online. This method is better for people who write on their computer using the Microsoft Office suite since it will work with Word.

As you can see, this feature is available for all users, you don’t need premium Grammarly to use their web application.

Grammarly Interface Example

How can Grammarly help me improve engagement on my blog?

Using Grammarly will help you engage your audience better by making sure that your posts are easy to read, effective, and mistake-free. By eliminating mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation use, etc., your blog posts can convey their intended meaning without any distractions for your readers.

Grammarly may boost blog interaction in a variety of ways. These include:

  1. Maximize the potential for positive feedback (comments, shares, etc.)
  2. Increase the trustworthiness & reliability of your website
  3. Make sure that your posts can be easily understood
  4. Increase the chances of people reading your blog posts to completion
  5. Boost conversion rates due to stronger messaging.

How can Grammarly help me improve sales on my web store?

While there may be other ways to improve sales on your web store, like fixing common cart abandonment issues, but your messaging matters! Grammarly can help you with your eCommerce website by making sure that your written content is free of grammar and spelling errors. This includes product descriptions and titles, the checkout process, email marketing, etc.

By eliminating mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation use, etc., you can convey your intended meaning, without any distractions for your customers.

With a premium copy of Grammarly, you can even make sure that your sales copy and product descriptions are compelling and persuasive. It’s simple and it’s proven: better copy can lead to better engagement rates, and more conversions or sales

A copy of Grammarly premium pays for itself from the increased revenue it can create.

Sign up for a free copy of Grammarly here, or subscribe to Grammarly premium and make your web copy kick butt!

Write Content That Sells

Who is Grammarly good for?

Grammarly is beneficial for anyone who writes. Whether you’re a blogger, journalist, student, or author, Grammarly can help you be confident that your writing is communicating at its best. Grammarly is even helpful when writing emails to friends or family, or when chatting on Discord, Slack, or similar tools too.

If you have a business website, you benefit from using Grammarly, even the free version is worth checking out.

Is Grammarly premium worth it for Business Owners?

You’re probably wondering, is Grammarly premium worth it? And the short answer is, yes! Grammarly premium is worth it to anyone who wants to improve how they communicate through text-based means: emails, resumes, social media, bios, web and sales copy, and blog posts.

If you’re a professional writer, the premium version of Grammarly is well worth the cost. If you’re a casual writer, try their free version out first, and upgrade later if you enjoy it.

Our colleagues who do content marketing rely on Grammarly and similar tools to ensure the content they prepare is well-optimized and engaging enough to drive sales. If you’re a writer, you can build an entire content-based business with something as simple as Grammarly premium.

Should You Use Grammarly?

Absolutely! Not only will it help you create better content immediately, but you’ll also learn how to become a better writer over time.

Take a few minutes to check out Grammarly. Sign up for a free account and then copy & paste content from your website into Grammarly’s web-based tool and look at all of the recommendations they make!

You can also set up Grammarly for Firefox to use Grammarly on your favorite sites.

Start driving more conversions on your websites, blogs, or stores with better sales copy by Grammarly!

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