Live WordPress Training and Consulting

Gain the confidence needed to manage your own WordPress website.

Perfect for anyone who has a WordPress website and considers it an asset to their business.

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WordPress Training and Live Consulting

WordPress Training

With over a decade of experience working with WordPress and having launched over 500 sites in those years, we know the common hurdles that site owners face.

If you’re a DIYer or simply want to feel in control of your WordPress website, this training is for you!

Before we start, we’ll review your WordPress website and the questions you have in order to create a custom-tailored WordPress training program that addresses your questions.

See What Our WordPress Training Clients Have to Say

5 Star!!!! We are so grateful to work with this “PRO” seller. The communication is excellent and the consulting is top notch! We highly recommend him to anyone looking for WordPress consulting. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Crystal, Transform Web Design

I learned how to manage my own WordPress website, saving my company thousands of dollars per year and giving our marketing team more power over their campaigns.

Alex, Crystal Clear Web Design

Very responsive, quick turn around. Far exceeding my expectations. Not only technical but also intuitive and sensitive to design. Smart, focused direction with clear communication

Leslie, In Any Event NY

Why WordPress Training and Consulting?

What do you get out of WordPress training?

SAVE MONEYIf your a business owner and have a WordPress website, you could save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars each year, just by managing parts of your website yourself.

SAVE TIMEIf you already know how to use and manage your WP website, but want to know how to add a new feature? Don’t waste your time searching and hoping to find the right plugin for the job. Ask someone who has been building WordPress websites of all types for over a decade!

AVOID HEADACHESHiring a WordPress consultant can help you avoid headaches, especially if you work with multiple freelancers. I have the knowledge and expertise to help make sure your team of designers and content creators are using WP in the smartest way possible, to keep it loading fast and secure from attacks.

BECOME A BETTER WP DESIGNER I have experience training designers to become better with WordPress, teaching you how to sell web services and earn more money for your time and expertise.

Who is this WordPress Training / Consultation For?

I have experience working with entrepreneurs and startups, established small businesses, nonprofits, and “freshly minted” web designers looking to learn WordPress. This gig can help you become more capable in-house at managing your website or increase your revenue selling WordPress services.

What topics can be covered with WordPress Training?

Anything related to WordPress. We can talk about the best theme or plugin(s) to use for your specific job needs.

We can even talk about how to improve the design of your website, how to make it faster, and increase sales, leads, and conversions.

As long as it’s WordPress-related, we can chat about it

Learn Your Way Around WordPress!

Gain the confidence needed to manage your own WordPress website. Perfect for anyone who has a WordPress website and considers it an asset to their business.

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