WordPress Website Speed Optimization

We’re experienced at finding bottlenecks and creating solutions to speed up WordPress websites.

WordPress Website Speed Optimization
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How Do We Speed up WordPress and Improve PageSpeed Scores, without Hurting the User Experience?

Every website is unique, but most slow WordPress websites go back to the same core issues:

  • Certain themes or plugins will add unnecessary “bloat” to your website, making your web page load times increase.
  • Low-quality web hosting or oversold web hosting servers will not have enough resources, leading to slow websites.
  • Oversized, uncompressed images that slow your website down.

We’ll audit your WordPress website speed using Google PageSpeed, Google Lighthouse, and GTmetrix, and review your website speed test results to see what is causing your website to be slow.

We’ll optimize your website speed, showing you detailed before and after results of our speed optimization changes, along with a summary of what website optimization adjustments were made.

Speed up WordPress Mobile PageSpeed

See What Our WordPress Speed Optimization Clients Have to Say

Before: 3.4 seconds desktop, 14.1 seconds mobile
After: 1.0 second desktop, 4.2 seconds mobile.

“Super stoked with the work carried out. Well worth the money. I’ve used cheaper gigs in the past but this was 10x better. Thank you.


Before: 16 seconds desktop, 30+ seconds mobile
After: 2.5 second desktop, 4 seconds mobile.

We had problems with our loading time on our website and we bought this speed optimization job and the delivery was great! We went from a F rated site to an A rated side speed and it was delivered under a week´s time of work. We definitely recommend Bocain Designs


Before: 8.4 seconds desktop, 14 seconds mobile
After: 1.4 second desktop, 3.4 seconds mobile.

“I spontaneously found Dan for a website speed optimization job for our e-commerce site. Dan held a great conversation and was well-read on his expertise, he performed analytics on our sites, came with ideas and suggestions. He then presented what he could do to improve our speed site in great detail. He then executed keeping us in the loop on where he was in the project at all times. And delivered as promised, and on time. I Will definitely look to working with Dan on future projects. Thank you 🙂


WordPress Speed Optimization FAQ

How do we speed up WordPress?

After we audit your website for speed and performance, we’ll address each item of concern found in our speed tests. Our WordPress speed optimization service may include the following:

  • Optimize Images
  • Lazy Load Images
  • Generate WebP Images (“Next-Gen” Format)
  • Preload Google Fonts and Local Fonts
  • Preload Page Caches
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS Files
  • Merge JS and CSS Files (if applicable)
  • Delay JS or Defer JavaScript
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Enable Compression
  • Connect or Activate CDN for Faster Global Load Times
  • Remove Unused Plugins
  • Pre-fetch third-party DNS Lookups
  • Connect Cloudflare DNS, CDN, or DDOS Protection

Do we use plugins to speed up WordPress?

When we optimize your website speed, we’ll typically use a few plugins to make it so the optimization work is scalable and maintains a good loading time for months or years to come.

What else can make WordPress websites slow?

Sometimes WordPress can’t be made faster, even with plugins. If you have already had your WordPress website optimized and it is still slow, then your web host might be the problem.

Shared web hosting is often slow and unreliable, and if your WordPress website has a lot of plugins, you’re likely going to need better hosting to speed up your WordPress load times. Your website can only be as fast as your hosting can support.

Can we improve your Google PageSpeed score for mobile and desktop?

Yes! When we audit your website speed, we look for ways to improve loading times on both desktop and mobile. In some cases, mobile website speeds may require design changes, to ensure your website meets mobile web design standards. Many WordPress websites are slow on mobile, often failing Core Web Vitals due to their Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) scores.

Slow WordPress Website?

We’ve improved website loading times on hundreds of WordPress websites. Let us improve your website site speed!

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