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WordPress Website Speed Optimization

Don’t Let a Slow WordPress Website Hold You Back!

We’re experienced at finding bottlenecks and creating solutions to speed up slow WordPress websites. A faster website will lead to more sales and conversions.

WordPress Website Speed Optimization
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How Do We Speed up WordPress and Improve PageSpeed Scores, without Hurting the User Experience?

Every website is unique, but most slow WordPress websites go back to the same core issues:

  • Certain themes or plugins will add unnecessary “bloat” to your website, making your web page load times increase.
  • Low-quality web hosting or oversold web hosting servers will not have enough resources, leading to slow websites.
  • Oversized or uncompressed images that slow your website down.

We’ll audit your WordPress website speed using Google PageSpeed, Google Lighthouse, and GTmetrix. We’ll take the results from all of these speed tests to see what is causing your website to be slow.

We’ll optimize your website speed, showing you detailed before and after results of our speed optimization changes, along with a summary of what website optimization adjustments were made.

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WordPress Speed Optimization FAQ

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