Do You Wonder What Your Customers Think of Your Website?

Usability testing is a great way to understand how people browse your website and what problems they may encounter along the way, leading to abandoned carts or poor conversions.

Website Testing, Usability and Accessibility Tests
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Website Testing Services

We follow modern design trends, current best-practices for SEO, and offer fast loading, mobile-ready, sales-focused WordPress Website

Website Audit

The website audit touches upon a bit of everything ranging from your website’s design, the user experience, and presented content. We complete your website audit on multiple devices.

Website Usability Testing

Usability testing takes a deep look at the experience your website users take while on your website. When conducting our usability tests, our website testers will attempt a series of tasks. 

Web Accessibility Testing

A website accessibility test is a must in today’s space. Web accessibility testing helps you find out if your website can be used by people with disabilities. With nearly 1 in 5 Americans having a disability, it’s important that your website isn’t leaving anyone behind.

Client Reviews for our Usability Testing Services

“Working with Dan was a great experience. He performed an in-depth audit of our website from a technical standpoint and usability standpoint. The feedback he provided was concise and communicated extremely effectively/clearly. There was a level of transparency that was immediately apparent. Extremely proficient.”

Charles of Canada

“Very responsive, quick turn around. Great audit, far exceeding my expectations. Recommendations were not only technical but also intuitive and sensitive to design. Smart, focused direction with clear communication. Loved the delivery in both PDF and video form.

Leslie Price, In Any Event NY, New York

“This is the second time that I have ordered from him. By following the first review and suggestions he gave me, my website sales literally tripled. I went from 10 sales a month to over 30 sales after renovating the site. If you find that you are struggling with site success, you need is unbiased review.

KJ, Online Stereo Equipment Distributions

“Bocain Designs has been an excellent partner for iCabinetry! They completely revamped our website and started us on a journey that has quadrupled our sales so far. We highly recommend Dan and the team at Bocain Designs!”


We’ll Review Your Website Test Results Together

After your website test has been completed, we’ll deliver a full report of our findings.

Most of our clients find it easiest to have a live call to discuss the website test results and to come up with a strategy for fixing website bugs and implementing any solutions we’ve outlined from our website tests.

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Website Usability Testing Services FAQ

What is usability testing? Why is it valuable to my business?

No one likes visiting a slow website, or a site where it’s unclear as to what to do. Usability testing can catch these problems and find ways to solve them. When a website is easy to follow and explore, they generate more leads. I have the non-bias, professionally trained eyes your website needs.

What type of web accessibility testing do you do?

We check your source code for certain “signals” that should be present.

We review your website’s overall usability and how well it is to understand your content.

There are also design elements (contrast, content sizing, behavior) that need to be considered for improving accessibility.

What are the benefits of having a usability test or website audit?

A usability test helps you improve your website’s effectiveness. You will learn about issues with the user experience, on-page content, and the overall structure of the interface design. Fixing these problems will lead to happier website visitors and more leads for your business.

I already have a website and it’s working great, do I need to conduct an audit?

That is up to you. Even if your website is “perfect” and getting “plenty of business” you need to ask yourself a question. Would you like more business? Similar to A/B testing, you never know when you’re leaving traffic or sales on the table. A usability test is never a waste of time.

What does the website audit delivered report look like?

You will receive a multi-page PDF. This document is broken into sections focusing on the user interface, user experience, content analysis, and the technical audit. Screenshots and comments can all be found within this document. Video files will be provided as well.

After the website audit, can you update my website to include your suggestions?

Typically, yes. After reviewing your document, just let us know which adjustments you want to be implemented and we can provide a rate.

Improve Your Website Experience with Usability Testing!

If your website is a vital part of succeeding as a business, regular usability testing is necessary. Using information gathered from website users during usability tests and data collected from Google Analytics, you can create a strategy.

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