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Website SEO Audit

Keep Your Website Optimized with SEO Audit Services

An SEO audit for your website can help make sure you’re targeting the smartest keywords for your business goals and free of on-page issues stopping you from ranking.

Website Content Audit
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Why Should You Consider Auditing Your Website for SEO?

We recommend having an on-page SEO audit conducted on your website at least once per calendar year, but more frequently than that if you have a high-traffic website. 

Our SEO audit service is designed to keep your website content optimized around relevant keywords.  Search technology opens up new avenues of search, search engine algorithms update, and web users (people) behavior changes over time. SEO audits can make sure your website is free of crawl errors and is targeting the best keywords for achieving your goals. 

We follow each and every SEO audit up with a live call to go over everything we mentioned or to address any questions you or your team may have.

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What Is Included in Our Audit Service?


Be confident that search engines are able to reach your website and find all of your web pages correctly.  An XML sitemap and a properly configured robots.txt file are just some of the ways we ensure your website is crawlable and indexed.


No one likes clicking a link and arriving at a 404 error page.  Our on-page audit will look for all internal and external links and their responses. Removing links to pages that no longer exist can improve your search engine rankings and user experience.


Slow web pages hurt conversions and can keep your rankings down on search engines.  A full website page speed assessment will help you find bottlenecks and prioritize improvements.


Website security is important for everyone, so much so, search engines prioritize websites utilizing secured connections over those that do not. An SSL certificate is worth the value it brings and forcing all connections from HTTP to HTTPS: will keep your customer’s data safer.


While auditing your pages, we’ll see how each page ranks on search, which keywords it’s showing up for, and look for opportunities or recommendations on improving your primary sales pages, local services, or product page rankings.


Your primary sales or product pages will get a deeper, more thorough on-page SEO audit to make sure you’re taking advantage of every opportunity for boosting search visibility and page context. 

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