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A/B Split Testing Page Optimization

Take Your Marketing Campaigns to the Next Level with Split Testing

Don’t get comfortable with a landing page that performs OKAY. Split-test your way to higher conversion rates and increase the number of sales or leads you generate!

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What Can A/B or Split Testing Offer Your Business?

All too often, we get comfortable when promoting a landing page that is performing well.  It’s easy to be satisfied with a successful landing page, but you’ll never know how much money you’re leaving on the table if you don’t run split-testing on your landing pages.

A/B tests, or split-testing, can let you try different headlines, images, or even different pricing methods to see which versions are the most effective at closing a sale or generating a lead.

The more you test, the further you can improve the conversion rate on your landing pages.

What is Typical with Website Split Testing?


Minor adjustments to your page design can have big impacts on conversions. Sometimes content is too tightened packed together, or spread apart with little context connecting sections. 


Testing the sales copy on your landing pages is another great way to find improvements for increasing the overall engagement your page receives. 


Sometimes the web page or words on the page are not the problems at all, but the way your pricing works could be offputting to customers.  For example, a certain $20 product might sell much more frequently at $24.95 compared to $20. Sounds crazy, but it is not unheard of! The way you list your product’s cost will impact the overall success. 


Even if your product or service is available to a large demographic, that doesn’t mean the same sales or landing page is going to be able to convert everyone. Demographic-specific A/B testing can help you create the best landing pages for your diverse customer base.

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