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WordPress/Zapier Zaps

Send Your Website Data Almost Anywhere with a Zapier Connected Website

Zapier is a powerful tool that makes it easy to take data from one source and send it to another. If you have contact forms, a newsletter, or a shopping cart on your website, you can use Zapier to send a copy of the submitted information to your preferred CRM.

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Zapier Connects Your Website to Hundreds of Services

If your business uses digital marketing tools, then you already know the value it brings.


What Can You Do With a Zapier Connected to Your Website?


When someone completes a form on your website, wouldn’t it be great if your sales team could see that data in their preferred CRM immediately? With Zapier, you can!


Zapier can send data to nearly 5,000 different Apps. With that many options, it lets you use Zapier as a way to create a backup if your lead data by sending it to multiple sources.


Connecting Zapier to Slack means you can notify your team anytime a Google Sheet is updated, a web form is filled out, or a new lead comes into the pipeline. 


Turn emails, Slack notifications, and Trello updates into an automated, streamlined, workflow to increase productivity without cutting corners. 


Zapier’s usages are limitless and can automate your workflow, saving you time and money, while increasing data accuracy across your digital marketing tools.


Zapier starts off with an affordable, free plan and offers solutions all the way up to enterprise level needs, assuring you’ll be able to grow over time, and not have to find an alternative to Zapier.

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