Anti-Spam (CAPTCHA) Setup

Stop Website Form Spam Dead in its Tracks

Website spam comes in many forms, but unfortunately for spammers, we’re good at what we do. We stop blog comment spam, website contact form spam, protect logins and registrations with v3 CAPTCHA technology.

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Why Is It Important to Stop Website Spam?

You already know how annoying spam messages are, so why should you put up with spam from your own website?  

Website spam can be harmful, as it wastes system resources and processing power and sometimes spammers will send malicious links or make threats in their spam messages to you in hopes you pay them an outrageous bounty.

Upgrading your website security to block spammers is just one of many ways you can protect yourself from online threats.

Stop Website Phishing Attempts

Protect Website Forms with Anti-Spam Technologies


V3 CAPTCHA is an anti-spam service that Google offers that doesn’t pester your visitors with a puzzle.  V3 CAPTCHA will assess “how real” the visitor on the page is and decide if they should be treated as a bot and forced to take a CAPTCHA puzzle.


V2 CAPTCHA is another anti-spam tool released by Google.  The v2 CAPTCHA service shows all of your visitors a puzzle, but it’s a simple puzzle.  A checkbox appears and the visitor just has to confirm that they are not a bot. No weird words or characters to interpret.


Certain website forms don’t work with Google anti-spam CAPTCHA services. For these web forms, we can use other methods to prevent spammers from easily filling out the form with automated software. A hidden honeypot that tricks bots into a trap.


If you’re a web store and have concerns about people attempting to commit automated fraud attacks on your website checkout, anti-fraud tools might be what you need.  Most payment processors will do this for you, but some of them require you to have an additional layer of security.

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