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Live Chat Configuration

Website Live Chat Installation

Live chat is taking off as a popular way to convert visitors into customers and its easier than never to get started.

Website Live Chat Support
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Do You Really Need Live Chat for Your Website?

Live chats let customers engage your brand online in a way that was impossible a few years ago. You can use both automated and human-operated live chats to increase website sales and lead, and it’s surprisingly effective because the customer is already in the buying process. They might just need a little more information to push them over the edge.

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Live Chat Features and Functions


Your web chat can be operated from the comfort of your desk by visiting an web chat admin / operator panel to engage with visitors on your website, or on the go, using an Android or iOS app on your favorite mobile device. 


Not everyone can afford to have a live chat operator 24/7 and it wouldn’t make sense in most cases.  When you’re not logged in as a chat operator, the chat widget can be set to function more like a contact form, letting customers leave messages.


Programmable smart chatbots work around the clock, helping customers find services or product pages, and increasing the chances of conversion.


Get notified when people visit your website or request to chat with your support. Notifications are available on desktop and mobile apps.

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Website Chat FAQ

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Start Chatting with Your Website Visitors

Live chat offers quick, detailed support for your visitors, allowing your team to close more leads and sell more products through your web stores, all while keeping customers satisfied.