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Configure Cloudflare for Your Website

Cloudflare Protects Millions of Businesses. Are You Protected?

Cloudflare is a digital service provider that improves your website security, performance, and overall reliability by offering DDOS protection, CDN networks, and “always online” technologies.

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Is Cloudflare Right for Your Business?

Cloudflare is a great solution for most businesses that operate online. If you rely on your website to conduct business, then Cloudflare is right for you and your business.  It’s an affordable way to give your website an extra layer of security. Your website will even benefit from their basic (free) plan.


How Can Cloudflare Improve Your Performance Online?


Cloudflare makes your website more secure by working as a “bouncer” for your website. Cloudflare monitors your network for malicious traffic and bots, stopping them from accessing your website or app.


Cloudflare provides an added layer of security with industry-leading DDOS attack mitigation services that look for attacks around the clock. Protect your websites, apps, and networks from DDOS attacks.


Every website should have an SSL certificate and Cloudflare can provide and manage your website’s SSL certificates, ensuring customers are always protected with HTTPS when browsing your website. 


A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a web service that allows you to provide a faster website experience to customers located anywhere in the World by offering servers throughout the globe.

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