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Automated Website Backups

Protect Your Business with Automated Website Backups

We hope you never need your backups, but we’ll make sure you always have a backup if the worst happens.

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How Do Automated Backups Protect Your Business?

Your website is an investment and like any investment, you want to protect it. A backup service for your website will take a copy of your website and store it on an external server or cloud service.

Having a backup of your website is important should the unthinkable happen. If your website is ever compromised hacked, taken offline by your web host, or somehow broken, a backup guarantees you a way to restore your website to how it was beforehand.

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Automated Website Backup Service


We set up your automated website backup service on a scheduled basis that makes sense for your website. If your site changes daily, we’ll make sure you’re taking daily backups.  If your website hardly changes, we won’t waste resources taking unnecessary back ups and limit it to weekly or even monthly backups.


Your website backups are sent and stored in the cloud, to ensure they are separate from your web hosting server. That way, if your hosting becomes compromised, your backups remain safe. We can back up to a custom server, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and many other cloud service providers.

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