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Let us design your next small business website!

Bocain Designs has been supporting small business owners online for over a decade with professional and local service provider websites for all industries. We’ve worked with small businesses ranging from auto repair, renewable energy companies, IT companies, and even a bitcoin ATM machine company.

Take a look below at some of our small business website design work. Contact us to book a call and see more small business website design projects.

  • Dr. Claudia Luiz.

    Dr. Claudia Luiz.

    Claudia came to us with a website that was overly complex. It was created with WordPress, it had plugin redundancies, she was paying for Leadpages, Jotforms, Google email, and web hosting. When we design websites for our clients, we also consult them on the tools we’d recommend using to achieve their goals. In Claudia’s situation, […] Read Post

  • GreenLight Assets

    GreenLight Assets

    We’ve been working with the owner of GreenLight assets for over a decade on various businesses that the owner has operated throughout upstate NY. His experience in advertising and billboard marketing has lead to his newest business: GreenLight Assets. Read Post

  • Tozo Consulting

    Tozo Consulting

    Tozo Consulting’s website is designed for their B2B IT consulting business. The team at Tozo Consulting wanted us to set up landing pages for each of their services and help them with on-page SEO, providing basic content optimization services, and assistance in selecting the best web host for their business. Read Post

  • The Hangar at 743

    The Hangar at 743

    The Hangar at 743 is the “Home of the Warbird Factory” and houses several aircraft and warplanes from the World Wars. The Hangar at 743 happens to have the coolest offices we’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting from our clients. Their business is located at Albany International Airport, and you’ll see airplanes drive past […] Read Post

  • Will & Will

    Will & Will

    The Will’s are a husband & wife criminal defense team located in Seattle, WA. They have been featured by major news networks and primetime programs including To Catch a Predator. Website Feature Summary: Full Website Design – UI, UX Custom WordPress Theme Development PPC Landing Page Creation The main goal of their website is to […] Read Post

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