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Get your next nonprofit website design project from Bocain Designs!

We have created websites for nonprofits, helping them reach new donors, recruit volunteers, and spread awareness for causes ranging from animal shelters up to nonprofits with websites aimed at raising funds for improving the lives of people in Zambia.

Take a look below at some of our nonprofit website design work. Contact us to book a call and see more nonprofit website design projects.

  • Good Shepherd Humane Society

    Good Shepherd Humane Society

    Cole from Good Shepherd Humane Society came to us with an older website, built on a platform where they had little to no control over the design and they couldn’t connect it to necessary third-party marketing tools. Their website wasn’t ranking well on Google, and SEO companies recommended a full redesign before they would work […] Read Post

  • Philippines Orphanage Foundation

    Philippines Orphanage Foundation

    Dana, one of the owners at the Philippines Orphanage Foundation contacted us with an out of date WordPress website that was confusing for visitors and difficult for them to manage. When we built their new website, we put a focus on messaging, allowing prospective donors to better understand what the foundation does and how their […] Read Post

  • Hands of Hope

    Hands of Hope

    Vicky from Hands of Hope reached out to us in hopes that we would be able to create a brand new experience for their nonprofit web presence. They had a website that looked good, but it was built in 2009 and clearly wasn’t keeping up with modern web design trends. It was important that the […] Read Post

  • Bee in Motion

    Bee in Motion

    We were contacted by Dennis, from Bee in Motion, an organization that aims to help adults with disabilities. Bee in Motion had a nicely designed website, but it was clearly showing signs of its age – looking like something from the early 2000s. Dennis told us that they received quotes between $7,000 and $20,000 for […] Read Post

  • Play 4 Life

    Play 4 Life

    Play 4 Life is a nonprofit that partners with indie developers to create opportunities for spreading digital literacy across the globe – especially in impoverished parts of the World. Their simple nonprofit website allows them to share updates from their campaigns and allows Indie developers to allow for partnerships. Read Post

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