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Packshack offers warehouse spaces for e-commerce web stores and integrates well with the most popular online shopping system like Woocommerce and Shopify. If you sell online, a fulfillment warehouse can make your products reach your customers quicker. Everyone loves faster shipping.

Packshack’s website sits on a top-tier web hosting platform and uses a CDN to ensure all visitors to their website have a fast-loading website experience.

Shipping Fulfillment Web Design - Packshack
Shipping Fulfillment Web Design - Packshack

Packshack’s website is designed to generate leads from around the globe and has dedicated landing pages for each country they have warehouses. By having these individual landing pages for their warehousing service, they can write SEO-optimized, or keyword-rich content, that targets relevant searches.

Shipping Fulfillment Web Design - Packshack

Packshack’s website has been built on WordPress and has custom calculators to let website visitors see what fulfillment costs might look like in their preferred location, currency, and unit of measurement.

A custom Gravity Form calculator is a perfect way to get a user to engage and interact with your website while adding real value to their experience. In this case, it lets them see what they can expect to pay for Packshacks’s services before they even reach out.