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Seacraft Gallery

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A representative of Seacraft Gallery came to me looking for a new website to replace an out-of-date site that used OpenCart and mobile website tools.

Website Feature Summary:

  • Custom Woocommerce Layouts
  • Theme Customization
  • e-Commerce Catalog and Cart
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Advanced Shipping System
  • Sales Tax Integration
  • Social Logins
  • Email Marketing
  • Live Chat Support

Seacraft’s team had specific design and user experience requests that couldn’t be achieved by simply buying a theme “off the shelf” – custom was the way to go. We used Salient theme as a starting point, but created heavy customizations to the theme’s header, footer, and all shopping-related pages. The website offers a way to grow their customer mailing list and provide live support using a website chat.

When shopping on Seacraft Gallery, the cart is readily available on the sidebar of the page, allowing the customer to quickly change the contents of their cart, view their total, or checkout in just a few clicks. Making the shopping cart accessible is a great way to reduce the chances of someone abandoning their cart on your web store.

Their new e-commerce website has been designed to work great across a wide range of devices and allows them to keep up with competition and web standards, while also giving them a strong platform to grow their business on.

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