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Rissmiller Attorney Website


Alex reached out to us looking for a professional and easy-to-use website that would allow his clients to get a quick overview of his legal practice’s services. Alex needed an affordable website that wasn’t going to break the bank, without…

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Claudia Luiz

Dr. Claudia Luiz.

Claudia came to us with a website that was overly complex. It was created with WordPress, it had plugin redundancies, she was paying for Leadpages, Jotforms, Google email, and web hosting. When we design websites for our clients, we also…

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Good Shepherd Humane Society

Cole from Good Shepherd Humane Society came to us with an older website, built on a platform where they had little to no control over the design and they couldn’t connect it to necessary third-party marketing tools. Their website wasn’t…

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Billboard Company Website Design

GreenLight Assets

We’ve been working with the owner of GreenLight assets for over a decade on various businesses that the owner has operated throughout upstate NY. His experience in advertising and billboard marketing has lead to his newest business: GreenLight Assets.

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Iyli Paroi

Ram, from Iyli Paroi, contacted our company about crafting a website that would allow his parent’s business to sell their products online. They wanted to bring their family’s experience in the industry to more customers by having an e-commerce web…

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Philippines Orphanage Foundation

Philippines Orphanage Foundation

Dana, one of the owners at the Philippines Orphanage Foundation contacted us with an out of date WordPress website that was confusing for visitors and difficult for them to manage. When we built their new website, we put a focus…

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Central Houston Medical Group

Central Houston Anesthesia

One of the doctors from Central Houston Anesthesia came to us earlier in 2020 looking for a simple WordPress website that they would be able to list their Anesthesiologists, services, and the offices that they provide medical services at. They…

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The Hangar 743 at Albany International Airport

The Hangar at 743

The Hangar at 743 is the “Home of the Warbird Factory” and houses several aircraft and warplanes from the World Wars. The Hangar at 743 happens to have the coolest offices we’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting from our…

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W&W Attorney Website

Will & Will

The Will’s are a husband & wife criminal defense team located in Seattle, WA. They have been featured by major news networks and primetime programs including To Catch a Predator. Website Feature Summary: Full Website Design – UI, UX Custom…

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Realtor website design

Brett McCurdy

Brett is a realtor in Maryland and works for a larger real estate agency, but wanted to have his own website to direct his clients to. Brett requested that we created a website that would allow him to advertise his…

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MEI Architect Website Design

MEI Architect

The owner and marketing team from MEI Architect approached Bocain Designs with a pretty common web design problem; their website didn’t work well on smartphones, and their team had no way of updating their website due to the way it…

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