Mark Warren Architect

Mark Warren Architect

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Gail Warren contacted Bocain Designs after having problems with their previous developer – they were effectively absent and slow to reply to any emails, even urgent ones. Sound familiar? It’s a story to hear too frequently, but we’re always happy to step in to show business owners that not all developers are like that!

Price was important for Mark’s new website since they had spent a lot on their previous website which provided them little to no traction. After discussing what they wanted to do with Mark’s new architect website, we landed on a single-page website that offers quick insights into Mark’s experience as an architect, a glance into the quality of his work, and a way to reach out to him.

Bigger isn’t always better! For Mark, this website’s the perfect tool for marketing his architect business without overwhelming potential clients with many pages to comb through or too much industry jargon. The website puts emphasis on Mark’s ability to design eye-catching residential houses. As they put it, they were hoping the website would provide “just enough information to get the interest of website visitors to have them reach out.”

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