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Forster Tool & Manufacturing

Forster Tool & Manufacturing is a 60+ year-old company offering precision machinery services. Forster Tool operates as a manufacturer and b2b design industry, creating very specific hardware for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, automotive, and aerospace.

Their website needs to offer a way to communicate the industries they work in, the materials their manufacturing equipment can work with, and the specific services they offer.

The new website has been created in a way that makes it easy for the team at Forster Tools to maintain their website’s content, blog about new updates, and even add new services, products, or material pages with ease.

Client Testimonial


Bocain Designs is great to work with! We have them update our website every few years to keep it fresh and to fix technical issues such a loading speed. This last time they even included training videos for us on how to change the website in Word Press. They always apply the “best practices” in website design. We look forward to having a long working relationship with Bocain Designs and would highly recommend them.

Maureen Forster