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Chefs’ Consortium

We started working with Noah in 2013 on the Chefs’ Consortium website. Noah’s not-for-profit uses this website to connect local farmers with locally-owned restaurants or chefs, to help spread “local love” through educational events and gatherings.

Their website has a variety of features including a blog, an event calendar/booking tool, a member’s directory, and a way for people to apply to become a member of the Chefs’ Consortium.


I’ve been working with Dan for many years now. Like most web guys and gals, his sites are beautiful. I love that, but that’s not why I’ve stayed with him. He’s super responsive and can make any website and its features work. More than anything, I love Dan because he’s dependable. If you need a website or need to make changes to an existing website, Dan will get back to you quickly and will give you a timeline for the work. Lastly, Dan is super affordable. I like that too, but did I mention how dependable he is.

Noah Sheetz, Chefs’ Consortium