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True He(Art) Academy

In the early 2000s, Dan worked at the White Plains Youth Bureau with a music instructor named Cornell, teaching digital media in an afterschool program. Cornell is a hip-hop artist, DJ, and teacher.

Over the years, we’ve been contracted to design websites for Cornell’s businesses, keeping him up with competition and making sure that his website is showcasing his best and most current work.

The True He(ART) Academy lets Cornell offer his music, art, digital courses, and other services directly on his website and to a global audience. His e-commerce website accepts payments, and calculates sales tax, and real-time shipping costs.


I have been utilizing Bocain Designs for 14 years now and they always keep me updated with website standards, they keep my sites looking sleek and efficient for pc and mobile access. I highly recommend Bocain Designs for any website needs that one might have. Great Work that you will always be pleased with!

Cornell, Judah Bless Ent