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How Optin Monster Helps You Get More Sales With Your Web Store

“Build it and they will come” may be true for your web store, but traffic doesn’t mean that your site will get sales. Generating traffic to your site, whether you sell goods or services, is just one piece of the puzzle of making money.

Your site can:

  • Load fast
  • Look great on mobile and desktop
  • Get thousands of visitors each day

But if your traffic isn’t converting, you won’t generate enough sales to keep growing your business. Traffic may not be targeted properly, or your buyers may not be far enough in the buyer’s journey to decide to buy what you’re selling.

So, what can you do if your traffic isn’t converting?

Use tools and data to inch close to converting traffic and leads into sales. Optin Monster is a great product (more on that below), but there’s more to consider before we provide a quick overview of what Optin Monster is and how Optin Monster can help you increase your sales.

Tools and Data to Inch Closer to Convert Leads

You can have a steady stream of organic traffic on your site every day, but if none of this traffic is converting to sales, you won’t make money.

Converting leads requires you to have a better understanding of your audience, which may require:

A/B Split Testing for Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Site analytics
  • Traffic analytics
  • A/B testing tools
  • Social media demographics
  • Heatmap data
  • Past customer profiles

Improve Your Conversion Rates with Smart Marketing and UX

Analyze Your Traffic

Your site’s analytics will provide insight into where leads are landing on your webstore. If the lead is landing on Widget X page and 99.9% of them click off, you may want to run an A/B test on the page and optimize it to improve sales.

A/B Test Pages

Every major retailer in the world is split testing to learn more about their audience and what works to convert leads to sales. Running A/B tests on landing and product pages can help you increase your chances of making a sale.

Top Exited Pages

Using your analytics data, look for the leading pages where traffic is leaving your site. You want to go to these pages and tweak them to either keep the lead engaged and on your site, or you may want to push a sale with an exit pop up.

Target Your Content

Your leads may be in different stages of the buyer’s journey, and you should create content for these stages of buyer’s awareness. If you don’t know the stages, they are: awareness, consideration and decision. Dedicated landing pages are a great way to improve your content targeting.

If a potential lead is in the decision-making stage when they land on a blog post or case study, adding in a call-to-action on that particular post may be all you need to do to increase sales.

One of the tools that we use to increase sales is Optin Monster. The tool is used on 1+ million websites and is responsible for 217 million conversions.

And these conversions go beyond sales.

Social Media Examiner, a major publication, added 250,000 email subscribers using Optin Monster. DateID increased their subscriptions by a staggering 175% using this tool.

Optin monster third party connection graphic

What is Optin Monster?

Optin Monster is lead generation software that is used on over a million websites. It’s trusted by marketing agencies and used by bloggers.

You can use tools offered by Optin Monster seamlessly on a variety of platforms, including but not limited to WordPress, Shopify, MailChimp, Salesforce, Facebook, Drip, Hubspot, and many other marketing tools and services.

A few of the many features that Optin Monster offers to convert more sales and increase revenue while closing the marketing gap are Drag n’ Drop builder, built-in campaign types, campaign triggers, targeted campaigns, seamless integrations, and actionable insights. 

You can retarget traffic, create page-level targeting and even use geo location to personalize campaigns further. Want even more insights? Real-time behavior automation, A/B testing and conversion analytics can help.

In fact, you can use Optin Monster to convert more leads in a variety of ways.

How to Use Optin Monster to Earn More Money

Optin Monster has a lot of tools and insights that it offers that you can’t find in a single tool. Instead of running a dozen tools to add the functionality and features your site needs to boost sales, you can use one main tool to do it all.

And there are a lot of methods you can use with Optin Monster to start boosting sales.

  • Personalize. Create campaigns that run based off of the user’s actions or location. If a person lands on your page from Facebook, for example, you can customize a campaign for them. You can make this even more powerful when personalizing by location.
  • Reduce cart abandonment. How many potential sales are unrealized because the buyer never actually made the purchase? Exit intent pop-ups can be used to encourage the user to checkout before leaving, among other great methods for reducing shopping cart abandonment.
  • Grow your email list. An email list has a much higher conversion rate than most website leads, and it’s one of the best ways to start generating more sales. Use the array of forms, banners and popups to grow your list.
  • A/B test. Split testing is one of the most powerful ways to gather data for your marketing team to use. Small, incremental changes can drastically change conversion rates. Run tests on opt-ins and campaigns to make sure that you’re running campaigns with the highest chance of converting.
  • Retargeting. Traffic can be retargeted so that you can make custom product offers and recommendations. 
  • Smart Success. Through the Smart Success feature, you’re able to continue offering users that have already converted new offers. 
  • List segmentation strategies. If you have an email list, you can use Optin Monster with your favorite platform and begin segmenting your list. You can group subscribers by their interests and dislikes to refine your offers further.
  • Timed campaigns. Want to run timed special offers or campaigns? You can run time-sensitive campaigns to increase urgency and hopefully boost sales during the promotion. This is a great option for flash sales or seasonal sales.
  • MonsterLinks. One of the most popular features of Optin Monster allow you to convert images or links into an optin form. These links can increase conversions by as much as 785%.

But that’s just the start of what Optin Monster can do. You can use the techniques above, along with many others, to start increasing your sales today.

There’s also no need time hire a designer or developer to set up your campaigns. Optin Monster offers a drag n’ drop design, making it as simple as possible to take control of your web store’s sales.

Do you want to increase your site’s conversions by 100%, 200% or even 500%? Use the same tool that helped Medstar Media increase conversions for their clients by 500%.

Final Steps to Earn More from Your Webstore

Whether your store relies on WordPress, Shopify or one of the dozens of other platforms, one thing remains the same: tools and data can increase conversions. A 1% increase in sales can mean the difference between your business growing or stalling.

Using the data and tools above can help you start earning more revenue from the traffic that you already receive.

If you want to use a wide range of tools that are optimized for conversions, Optin Monster is invaluable. You’ll have access to multiple campaign types, real-time behavior automation, A/B testing, conversion analytics, and much more on one simple tool. 

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