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Improve Website Load Times with a CDN, in as Little as 10 Minutes!

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Improving your website load times matters more today than it ever did before. No one has ever said; 

“I wish this website was slower!” 

If your website or business is looking to gain the attention of a global audience, there are some extra steps to take to ensure you’re providing a high-quality user experience for everyone who visits your website. There are many ways to improve website load times, ranging from serverside caching, serving optimized image files, optimizing your scripts, or upgrading your web hosting. You can also improve website load times by implementing a CDN service.

Remember, speeding up your website will lead to better engagement.

How can I improve website load times?

Hosting Matters Impacts Your Website Loading Times

The first step to improving your website’s load time is to make sure you’ve selected the best web host for your business. Think of your web host as a foundation. You can’t have a fast website if the hosting is holding you back. When shopping for hosting, It’s smart to select a host that is in the same country as your business. If you’re a United States-based business you’re going to look for a web host and offer servers in the United States.  

If you’re a local provider, for example in upstate New York, finding a web host with servers in NY or the northeast would be great.  The proximity of the server will play a role in the delay of the network, impacting how fast your website loads.

If your website is on a good host, the next step is to assess your website.

Optimize Website Scripts and Images to Improve Load Times

Optimizing your website scripts and images is a necessary step to improving website loading times. There are many ways to fix a slow website and you will need to scan your site and assess what solution is best for you. You can read our advice on how to fix website speed issues.

If your web hosting is good and your website has been optimized to load quickly, the next step to ensuring your website loads fast for everyone is to run speed test scans from around the world. GTmetrix and Pingdom Tools let you select the location of the test server. Run tests from the US, UK, Asia, and Australia. Check the website loads fast from each of these countries. If your website is not loading quickly across the globe, you may need to take additional steps for improving your website load times. If you’re looking for a better web host, we have affordable web hosting options for small businesses.

How do you improve your website load times, for all website traffic?

A content delivery network, or CDN for short, is an affordable way to improve your website loading times for people across the planet.

A CDN improves website load times by syncing your website files across a network of web servers located all over the planet. Most CDN providers have servers on every continent (except Antarctica) and near major hubs or cities, ensuring fast load times for website visitors in populated areas.

CDN Server Map
CDN, Content Delivery Network. Concept with keywords, people and icons. Flat vector illustration. Isolated on white background.

If somebody in Syndey, AU visits our website, the website files will be loaded from a server somewhere in the Asia Pacific. 

Likewise, if somebody in Canada visits our website, they will receive the website files from somewhere in the northern US or a server in Canada.

What content delivery network company does Bocain Designs recommend?

We have worked with a handful of CDN providers over the last few years for our website as well as our client websites. Most of our clients are located in the US or the UK, and we’ve had the best experience using Bunny (formerly BunnyCDN) for improving website load times.


Bunny offers a free 14-day trial and has rates that are friendly to small businesses, starting as little as $0.01 per GB of CDN used. 

Bunny’s CDN offers servers in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, and Africa. Wherever your customers are from, you can make sure your website loads faster by enabling a CDN “pull zone” near them.  

Bunny’s CDN will improve your page loads by taking stress off your main web server, saving you money (compared to being forced to upgrade web hostings due to resource usage). Another reason we like Bunny is that they continue to add new services to improve website load times. For example, they recently added Bunny Stream, a great tool for websites focused on serving video content. For less than $10/mo, they will also provide unlimited image optimization requests, a must for any website that burns through bandwidth due to their images.

BunnyCDN pullzones for improving website load times across the globe

How much does a CDN cost per year?

For a typical small, local business website (with under 15,000 visits per month) in the US, your CDN fees with Bunny are unlikely to exceed $80 per year. 

In almost every scenario, the benefits of a faster website will outweigh the cost. A faster website typically sees more conversions, engagement, and sales; the cost of the CDN is well worth the upfront investment.

How do I add a CDN to my website?

Adding a CDN to your website is usually as simple as configuring a panel on the CDN’s dashboard and then adding a piece of code to your website. If your website is built with WordPress, it’s even easier to add a CDN to your website. Most CDN providers will have a WordPress plugin to connect their CDN service.

Add a CDN to WordPress with WP Rocket

If you use WP Rocket, a WordPress caching plugin, adding a CDN to your website will only take you a minute. You can copy/paste your CDN pull-zone into WP Rocket’s CDN panel.

Improve website load times with WP Rocket and BunnyCDN

Want Help Installing a CDN on Your Website?

If you want to make sure your CDN is installed correctly and improving your website loading time, having a professional web developer implement your CDN may be best.

If the sound of implementing a CDN on your website sounds scary, difficult, or you’re just too busy, hire a web developer to install your CDN. A professional developer will have the experience to make sure the CDN is setup correctly and improving your website loading time.

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