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How to change WordPress themes

How to change WordPress themes

Learn how to change WordPress themes in under a minute!

Changing themes on WordPress is a breeze!

Have you wondered how to change WordPress themes? Does changing WordPress themes seem like a daunting task?

Fear not!  You can have your new theme installed and activated in under a minute.

Here’s a video showing you how to change your WordPress theme

When changing themes on WordPress websites that are live, we recommend a different approach.

We recommend making a copy of the website and changing themes on the copy of your WordPress website, then push the updated WordPress theme live.

Why should you make a copy of your website when changing themes on WordPress?

In most cases, installing a WordPress theme is only step one. Step two would be editing your WordPress theme so it better reflects your brand.

It’s best to do this editing on a staging (dev link) copy of your WordPress website. This way your current website can continue working until the new WordPress theme is ready to go. At the very least, take a back up of WordPress before switching themes.

Some web hosting companies offer quick ways to create copies of your WordPress websites. SiteGround and WP Engine are two examples of hosting companies offering this service.