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Backup WordPress

How to Backup WordPress

Learn How to Backup a WordPress Site

Backup plugin for WordPress - UpdraftPlus

Our favorite backup plugin for WordPress is UpdraftPlus. This is one of the best backup plugins for WordPress.

We’ve been using UpdraftPlus for a few years now and even in 2020, it’s still our favorite way to back up WordPress. It’s simple to use, and offers a robust set of features, for free!

You can tell it to take backups daily, weekly, or monthly. You can tell it how many backups to retain, and it’ll purge older copies for you.  You can also have your WordPress website backups sent to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud solutions.

You can have UpdraftPlus installed and ready to go in under 2 minutes!

Install and activate UpdraftPlus. After you do this, you can click the Settings link to begin using UpdraftPlus to take a backup of your WordPress website.

UpdraftPlus - Backup plugin for WordPress

When you click on settings, you’ll be brought to the main UpdraftPlus dashboard. This is where you can take a backup of WordPress. It will also show you any previous WordPress backups you’ve taken (only from UpdraftPlus).

Creating a backup in UpdraftPlus

Clicking the big blue Backup Now button opens a window. This window gives you the option to take a backup of WordPress (the whole website), a backup of your WordPress database, or just a backup of your WordPress files.

You can click the (…) to narrow down your backups further.

Selective backups with UpdraftPlus

Next, click the settings tab within the UpdraftPlus dashboard. On this page, you can set a frequency for automated backups. You can also tell UpdraftPlus how many backups of WordPress to retain. It will delete older backups for you.

Scheduling backups in UpdraftPlus

That’s it! You’ve learned how to backup WordPress and even automate the WordPress backup process!

Here’s a video showing you how to backup WordPress.