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Change a User Role in WordPress

How to Add a WordPress Administrator User

Learn How to Add a WordPress Administrator User

WordPress Admin Login Page

Creating new users in WordPress is a fairly quick process.

When creating a new user account in WordPress, you can select a User Role, which dictates the privileges that the user receives when logged into your WordPress website. You can learn more about WordPress user roles on

To begin, log into your WordPress website’s admin dashboard. For most WordPress sites, this will be

After logging in, click on Users, located on the left sidebar menu.

Find the user you want to update the Role for or click Add New if you’re creating a new user account.

Add New Users to WordPress

If you were asked to provide us (Bocain Designs) with an Admin account for your WordPress website, you can create a new Admin account with our email,

After entering our email address, make sure to change the Role from Subscriber to Administrator.

Change a User Role in WordPress

WordPress comes with a password generator that will provide you with a secure password. We recommend using the strong password they provide. It’ll be difficult to remember, so consider using a password manager like LastPass or 1Pass.

A strong password is critical for keeping WordPress websites secure.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Add New User or Save button.

That’s it!

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