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  • krisztianvasas

    Good job, fast and efficient!

  • gretchenwf

    Very fast response with some good points. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

  • davidfish

    Got the right info I wanted fast!

  • karlbealing

    Excellent advice. Delivered on time.

  • cuteirka

    Don’t even think twice, book this gig! Not only was it delivered in under 24 hours, but the quality of the mini audit is worth a lot more than the charge! Thanks so much, this was very helpful!

  • chaff91

    Great service, love the idea of getting feedback on my site & got some great ideas to improve upon.


  • kevinelliott

    Boomland made excellent observations that were definitely made from a user’s perspective and this was not just some completely automated report. Very impressed, and will be using this seller over and over again!

  • supermoves

    Very fast and exactly as promised!

  • awadballal

    Great, highly recommended. A+++

  • zukkio

    Useful comments.

  • gewaechshaus

    Good service and quick delivery. Always good to get a fresh look at one’s website and hear from a UI Expert what works and what doesn’t.

  • ingazarina

    Thanks will be back for more

  • ingazarina

    Thanks I will be back for some more soon

  • golfplan18

    Great work! Delivered as promised.

  • tommystern

    Done very quickly and professionally.
    Will know more when I implement the recommendations.

  • dietwinbetlem


  • dpetsgallery


  • jbcrow

    cya again

  • moorer2k

    Was very quick and extremely friendly. Liked the report, simple and to the point! Clearly not some auto-generated report via a 3rd party program. Excellent.

    Thanks a million.

  • sergey25pr

    Great job. Thank you!

  • ctekit

    Awesome gig, quick and advice is very usefull. Thanks for a great gig.

  • kendo88

    Great service!! Definitely recommended!

  • kniotech

    Good work!

  • csims1379

    Good information delivered quickly!!

  • view88

    Great and fast services!

  • madchen0510

    thank you for the review you mentioned several things I hadn’t thought about!

  • steve0nz

    thanks heaps!

  • coolnerd77

    Thank you! I appreciate this.

  • cbreau

    Very well done, thank you!

  • davejabbie

    Great feedback and very insightful, to the calibre you would expect from a true professional that know’s their stuff. Thanks,


  • snillocymot

    Awesome, quick, good remarks clearly knows how to design a good webpage

  • sylvain1

    thank you

  • gilbertj

    Awesome work!

  • justmind

    He gives pretty solid advice. I design websites and I appreciate all of his feedback as it was spot on.

  • encoresounds

    nice work. will be taking your advise.

  • bcarnazza

    Good advice!

  • theloungesinger

    I have ordered multiple gigs from this seller and have had a positive experience each time.

  • djscotia78

    Great service

  • tradyan

    Great and easy tips to follow, thanks

  • mccormickrd

    Great feedback! Would love a gig modifier to pay for even more feedback! Appreciate your hard work.

  • tylerjhoff

    Useful and helpful information! Speedy deliver! I recommend boomlandjenkins!

  • theloungesinger

    Thanks for the great advice!

  • mezgit

    It was very useful and you were very patient, I will definitely reorder your services. Thanks.

  • linaresmike75

    thank you for the analytics!!

  • a87i1u5vu

    very quick turn around. great insight.

  • monicaiannacone

    Amazing job, completed it within hours and provided solid advice. THANK YOU! This is exactly what I need. I’m already looking for for ways to use this seller for advice

  • tonymo

    Great insight. Sometimes you think you know it all. Well worth the gig! thanks

  • roneckbc

    Very fast! Very insightful! Definitely recommended.

  • stuarthoward

    Many thanks.

  • dreiblatt

    Useful and actionable feedback. Thanks.

  • sproutfield

    Great feedback.

  • manneken

    You get a total of 5 stars because I really got some usefull tips, specially one about the registration button/part. So I am going to work on implementing the points which shouldn’t be to hard

    A big thanks

  • themodernman

    Excellent – lots of helpful advice that I will put into action.

  • evanpavloff

    Quick turnaround and good feedback. Easy to communicate. Everything delivered as promised.

  • yurkinkz


  • pafadeto

    Very good input. Thanks.

  • hersh101

    great insight

  • tweetwhiz

    Great one… will be back for more shortly ! Thanks

  • flyby

    Thank you! Absolutely worth the $5 and more! Seller knows his stuff. Thanks again. FlyBy (Niche Guest Posts)

  • sftomiami

    Another outstanding gig! Incredible value.

  • eisenbergtech

    Excellent job. will hire him again.

  • sftomiami

    One of the best gigs on Fiverr! A gem.

  • creatrixdigital

    Great report, carried out in time and some valuable suggestions. Really good value for money.

  • parmarossa

    Very clear and concise feedback. Actionable comments that I can use to improve the site. Thank you!

  • fonsupannakul

    informative and resourceful. yes will definitely get his input again.

  • sponrad

    Helped point out some great things. Recommended.

  • retrej

    Good Job and quick delivery

  • edcited

    The seller has clearly mentioned that he would provide review of three pages but only provided for home page and not for other two pages. After repeated conversations he didn’t agree and told that the other two pages were perfect and no issues were found, while for homepage he gave good suggetions

  • danielangello

    Satisfactory Experience

  • hookway

    Many thanks for the useful feedback!

  • quickjobs

    This report was excellent in assisting the updating and completing missing areas on the website that users had trouble navigating through. I will order again for a 2nd testing.

  • bloominous

    Very thorough. Thanks.

  • stevejobs14

    Great experience and quick turnaround !

  • ahalls

    Great insights!

  • aazizuk


  • bestoddscorp

    Very fast and for $5 you can’t go wrong.

  • ethylester

    Quick delivery. Good Tips!

  • axemedia

    Satisfactory Experience

  • morgeeman

    Good info, thanks

  • nuccadrdavis

    Thank you.

  • nebestpal

    Outstanding truly outstanding!

  • wsinewcastle

    Excellent service, some great tips and excellent delivery considering it was the 4th of July weekend. Thanks again

  • matt987

    Thank you – very useful suggestions!

  • jonnyfreesh

    Great insight on my landing page. Would definitely recommend and may hire to make a landing page.

  • bartbecks

    Great and fast service, great advise.

  • medassistantorg

    Nice job! Highly recommend!

  • tracend

    Really appreciate the elaborate and constructive feedback. Very professional.

  • javanow1

    Simple but important recommendations to improve my landing page. Will have to see how they pan out. Will probably use more service in the future.

  • shacharmiz

    Thank, great and fast service!

  • benny070069

    Fantastic job…. will order again

  • freedomwizard8

    Very useful tips to work with. Thank you.

  • masurian

    Good advise, thanks

  • itools

    Boomland gave our software tool a thorough review and pointed out a number of problems, both big and small.

    Exactly what we were looking for !

    So if you need a fresh pair of eyes that will point out the now obvious, I recommend Boomland.


  • kevinrfoote

    Another great job, thanks.

  • leamey

    Great thank you.

  • weaveoftheride

    Some good points about the website which I will implement. Delivered promptly. Thanks.

  • contactsmagic

    decent job

  • dmarinos

    Great service and report!

  • wyfwyf112

    Thank you. Very insight and detail review.

  • andylonghurst83

    Great suggestions.