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Frederick MelenchukFrederick Melenchuk
12:36 05 Oct 23
We've been so impressed with Dan that we've contracted him to manage our website services on an ongoing basis. He's patient and listens attentively to our needs and completes any of the work required in a timely manner. He will also offer alternative solutions when you're trying to problem solve on the best way to resolve issues. He's a pleasure to work with and we'd highly recommend him.
Herbie WalkerHerbie Walker
13:43 04 Oct 23
I’m Long time user of Bocain Design and I couldn’t be happier. My site never goes down and the team has always been more than accommodating to my small business
Nicole ArcielloNicole Arciello
17:48 13 Jun 23
We had an amazing experience working with Bocain Designs to create a user-friendly WordPress website for our nonprofit organization. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment were outstanding. From the initial consultation to the final result, Bocain Designs showcased their deep understanding of our needs. They offered valuable suggestions, maintained open communication, and delivered a visually appealing and intuitive website. We highly recommend Bocain Designs for anyone seeking a reliable partner for their web design needs.
Ary AvnetAry Avnet
17:57 05 May 23
Dan has been involved in the design of my websites from the inception. He is the best web designer we have worked with by far. He is always quick to return calls, produces excellent results, and his pricing is so reasonable - underpriced really. Highly recommend.
Simon ReadSimon Read
18:21 25 Apr 23
Absolutely FANTASTIC team! I am so delighted I chose Bocain Designs: they were highly recommended by a colleague who used them for his business site, and Dan has been so brilliant. He has made the whole process of getting a website up and running totally stress free: I am based in London UK and setting up a private clinic: he has been a pleasure to work with: helpful, fast, very responsive, excellent advice and really usefulbespoke videos showing me how to use the website and update it and some training in wordpress as well as answering questions about the site and updates etc. I cannot' recommend them highly enough. Thank you!!
Sarit HSarit H
00:02 27 Mar 23
Overdue review because it's been almost 3 years since I started working with Bocain Designs. Thanks for everything you've done, I'm so happy to have you as my "partner" behind the scenes making my websites as beautiful, functional, and fast as they are. I know 100% that my SEO is what it is because of the work you put into it. There are so many aspects that need to be addressed all of which should have separate 5-star ratings: quality, communication & responsiveness, speed & timeliness, reliability, and professionalism. I feel like I'm forgetting more aspects... overall I could not be more pleased! I have used Bocain Designs for 2 businesses now, and would never consider hiring anyone else for future projects, or to continue to help me with current projects. It's very hard to find good reliable people who are also fantastic at what they do and care about the work they put out there. Look no further if you had any doubt and trying to decide between a couple places - full stop - hire Bocain!
Emma PitnickEmma Pitnick
13:20 07 Mar 23
When we decided we wanted to give our website a makeover/revamp, we had already used Bocain Designs for a project to speed up our site, so we reached out to see if they would be willing to take on our new project. This project was extremely large and required consistency and collaboration working together over 6-8 months, and Dan was kind, patient, and knowledgable throughout the entire experience. He ended up delivering exactly what we pictured for our new website and we are so happy to have found Bocain Designs. We will continue to work with them on the maintenance of our site and highly recommend them to anyone looking for these services.
  • mojobazaar

    Great service and response time! Thanks for the solid work!

  • ssagroup

    Very efficient, very skilled and takes a consultative approach, will order another gig

  • thepinklemon

    Super fast and got what I wanted!

  • fariche

    Great honest feedback! Very thoroughly done. Will definitely use him to help in the future.

  • howardashley

    Absolutely Awesome. Excellent work! Responsive! Creative! Knowledgeable – he really know his sh*t! Takes initiative! Will definitely be using again!

  • astoria2

    Great Job! Will use again.

  • joetalk

    Very bright seller, well done.

  • flowyfair

    This guy knows his stuff!

  • makeachoice

    Detailed and worth it! Gives real advice and is upfront and honest.

  • tunerscare

    Super thorough and very helpful advice!

  • axteko

    Serious and professional. I will order again, thanks.

  • gbpt

    Brilliant, very handy actionable tips

  • jamesiq

    Well worth the spend, good general feedback, always good to have fresh eyes!

  • toraih

    Outstanding Experience! Very fast delivery and good constructive feedback.

  • chunkymedia

    Results delivered as required, thanks

  • carmenonthenet

    Awesome service and really quick !

  • flyfishergirl

    Great Fivver! He delivers!

  • nthair

    Great service. Would work with again.

  • gamersboy79

    This is a great review service. Highly recommended.

  • achowd

    very knowledgeable and helpful!

  • zibiri

    great service, he know what he does.

  • iamadaptive

    So great Thank you so so much for your help!!

  • haakank

    Very good!

  • ajcaine

    boomlandjenkins did a great job. Will certainly use again.

  • filipepinto

    To the point. Sweet and clean.

  • lizindia

    Extremely fast (12 hrs), very helpful info!

  • myitsales

    Great feedback given

  • abaluchmd

    great start!

  • abaluchmd

    what I needed

  • myslinc

    Great reviewer. Will certainly go back again when I launch new site.

  • dreamon1

    Very good service

  • benflux

    Thanks for your review. It was helpful and it will help me improve our website to make it a better experience for the users.

  • ravisraman

    good feedback that is very actionable…I’m updating my landing page based on his feedback right now! very fast turnaround.

  • fomotravel

    Report is great. Looks like I have a bit to do now. Thanks for your help

  • ray2012

    Good feedback provided. i would recommend boomlandjenkins

  • projectbob

    Great tips, he really is an experienced Web Designer with a clear eye for perfection, exactly what we need.

  • simmo235

    Good value for $5.

  • michaelt2015

    good work, happy experience, highly recommended

  • davkap92

    Great advice and super fast service. Would use again!

  • dinktheory

    Great feedback on my site. It was nice to see if from a different angle. Will definitely incorporate the feedback into a redesign.

  • ashreys

    Thank you

  • nikbergen

    great feedback. clearly knows his stuff. thank you

  • karynk

    was very good at providing useful reports and did two reports for the same price unexpectedly so have given extra bonus and will definitely use again

  • ungi4u

    Your GIG definitely worth the 5$ and more !!!
    You did great job and after i will fix most of your comments, i will keep up with you for more web pages test.

    Thank you very much.

  • webbassistans

    Fast & precise!

  • txcapven

    Made valuable suggestions and reviewed our page twice. Appreciated and greatly recommended.

  • krisztianvasas

    Good job, fast and efficient!

  • gretchenwf

    Very fast response with some good points. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

  • davidfish

    Got the right info I wanted fast!

  • karlbealing

    Excellent advice. Delivered on time.

  • cuteirka

    Don’t even think twice, book this gig! Not only was it delivered in under 24 hours, but the quality of the mini audit is worth a lot more than the charge! Thanks so much, this was very helpful!

  • chaff91

    Great service, love the idea of getting feedback on my site & got some great ideas to improve upon.


  • kevinelliott

    Boomland made excellent observations that were definitely made from a user’s perspective and this was not just some completely automated report. Very impressed, and will be using this seller over and over again!

  • supermoves

    Very fast and exactly as promised!

  • awadballal

    Great, highly recommended. A+++

  • zukkio

    Useful comments.

  • gewaechshaus

    Good service and quick delivery. Always good to get a fresh look at one’s website and hear from a UI Expert what works and what doesn’t.

  • ingazarina

    Thanks will be back for more

  • ingazarina

    Thanks I will be back for some more soon

  • golfplan18

    Great work! Delivered as promised.

  • tommystern

    Done very quickly and professionally.
    Will know more when I implement the recommendations.

  • dietwinbetlem


  • dpetsgallery


  • jbcrow

    cya again

  • moorer2k

    Was very quick and extremely friendly. Liked the report, simple and to the point! Clearly not some auto-generated report via a 3rd party program. Excellent.

    Thanks a million.

  • sergey25pr

    Great job. Thank you!

  • ctekit

    Awesome gig, quick and advice is very usefull. Thanks for a great gig.

  • kendo88

    Great service!! Definitely recommended!

  • kniotech

    Good work!

  • csims1379

    Good information delivered quickly!!

  • view88

    Great and fast services!

  • madchen0510

    thank you for the review you mentioned several things I hadn’t thought about!

  • steve0nz

    thanks heaps!

  • coolnerd77

    Thank you! I appreciate this.

  • cbreau

    Very well done, thank you!

  • davejabbie

    Great feedback and very insightful, to the calibre you would expect from a true professional that know’s their stuff. Thanks,


  • snillocymot

    Awesome, quick, good remarks clearly knows how to design a good webpage

  • sylvain1

    thank you

  • gilbertj

    Awesome work!

  • justmind

    He gives pretty solid advice. I design websites and I appreciate all of his feedback as it was spot on.

  • encoresounds

    nice work. will be taking your advise.

  • bcarnazza

    Good advice!

  • theloungesinger

    I have ordered multiple gigs from this seller and have had a positive experience each time.

  • djscotia78

    Great service

  • tradyan

    Great and easy tips to follow, thanks

  • mccormickrd

    Great feedback! Would love a gig modifier to pay for even more feedback! Appreciate your hard work.

  • tylerjhoff

    Useful and helpful information! Speedy deliver! I recommend boomlandjenkins!

  • theloungesinger

    Thanks for the great advice!

  • mezgit

    It was very useful and you were very patient, I will definitely reorder your services. Thanks.

  • linaresmike75

    thank you for the analytics!!

  • a87i1u5vu

    very quick turn around. great insight.

  • monicaiannacone

    Amazing job, completed it within hours and provided solid advice. THANK YOU! This is exactly what I need. I’m already looking for for ways to use this seller for advice

  • tonymo

    Great insight. Sometimes you think you know it all. Well worth the gig! thanks

  • roneckbc

    Very fast! Very insightful! Definitely recommended.

  • stuarthoward

    Many thanks.

  • dreiblatt

    Useful and actionable feedback. Thanks.

  • sproutfield

    Great feedback.

  • manneken

    You get a total of 5 stars because I really got some usefull tips, specially one about the registration button/part. So I am going to work on implementing the points which shouldn’t be to hard

    A big thanks

  • themodernman

    Excellent – lots of helpful advice that I will put into action.

  • evanpavloff

    Quick turnaround and good feedback. Easy to communicate. Everything delivered as promised.