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  • a1beespecialist

    My website is head and shoulders over my competition. Thanks to Dan for the excellent work on my website
    Dan is the very best

  • a1trophy

    GREAT! would defiantly recommend

  • a87i1u5vu

    very quick turn around. great insight.

  • aamar845

    Boomlandjenkins went above and beyond the order. I really appreciated your input and would love to engage with you on another more involved level. This seller knows what they are doing. THANKS!!!

  • aazizuk


  • ab_brg

    Great responsiveness and friendly service. Communicated instructions during the process and delivered exactly what was promised. A very positive experience and would highly recommend his services.

  • abaluchmd

    what I needed

  • abcd12347

    Some professional feedback from someone not connected on the project or personally. I did achieve it.

  • acarchidi

    Very good communication; keeps his word; skilled at what he does. comprehensive web development knowledge. I recommend.

  • accomplishtrain

    BoomLandJenkins provided a detailed and (more important) useful report on my website. I have some specific items to address. Thanks. Recommended service.

  • acdctv

    Very pleased with the work and support! would use again.

  • achowd

    very knowledgeable and helpful!

  • aclacour

    Highly professional and very quick. Highly recommend!

  • acsraj

    Dan did a great job for us – designing and optimizing a new website. He is easy to contact and responsive, reliable and skilled. He created a modernized Word Press site for us and followed through to make sure it was migrated successfully to our host site. We appreciated his commitment to working through technical issues on our end of the job.

  • acudoc3

    This seller got it fast. Saved me money (on pictures and wordpress platforms). Was also patient with me (when I sent material out of order, or late), and help until I was satisfied.
    Thank you!

  • adamkemp

    Amazing audit, highly recommended!

  • adityahadiputra

    Quickest testing on Fiverr that I got.

  • admin199

    Outstanding Experience!

  • adria0185

    All looks good! Thanks so much for your help on this. To confirm, I can still go into WordPress to make content/layout changes as I did previously (with the info you provided). All access to hosting is now through SiteGround — does this mean I can close my account with GoDaddy?

  • aehardin

    Satisfactory Experience

  • aehl76

    Outstanding Experience!

  • aerial9

    Great work!

  • afeebohon

    Timely delivery. Good job too.

  • ahalls

    Great insights!

  • ahudovsky

    Helpful, quick and would use again. In fact am waiting to get a quote for more work to be done.

  • ai1628

    Great experience!

  • ajcaine

    boomlandjenkins did a great job. Will certainly use again.

  • akeemcc

    Great seller. Very knowledgeable

  • akeraino

    Great job!

  • alcarmonita

    great work!

  • aldanskating

    Very quick and professional!! Offers useful advice and has a fast response time to questions.

  • aledesma

    A true professional in every sense of the word. Not only did he deliver this project before the deadline but he stayed in communication with me every step of the way. I will not hesitate to use him again and again in the future. It’s sellers like this that make Fiverr truly exceptional. I cannot say enough good things about my experience.

  • alejandraslata

    As always, Dan does an excellent job, on time!

  • alexfragoyannis

    Dan was great at creating a new website for us. Very fast developer and incredibly efficient comms. He really goes out of his way to ensure you are happy. Highly recommended.

  • alexzsg

    Outstanding Experience!

  • alinorouzzadeh

    Excellent work. On time delivery

  • alisonleon

    Excellent service

  • alkin1337

    Very solid analysis! Never before I had so much value out of 5$ gig! Raise prices dude. 🙂

  • allievatcc

    I’m so grateful for this gig! He saved the day. I feel he went above and beyond to assist me even before I purchased. I will definitely use him again.

  • allisonalbert

    Awesome web designer! Exactly as I had pictured. Very pleased and will be using again in the future.

  • alocalo

    Easy going person, great attitude. We just a had a little misunderstanding with what I meant and with what he understood bur nothing to worry about. Thank you!

  • alongman

    Gig delivered as promised and ahead of time….
    thank you

  • alpineairdirect

    My website loads faster and he was able to show me test pages. I would and probably will use him again in the future.

  • alternative_ehf

    very helpfull

  • amam20

    Outstanding Experience!

  • amandamacpherso

    I needed some edits to my site, and was unable to do them effectively myself. I contacted Dan, and even though I had some site glitches on my end, he delivered exactly what I needed ahead of the timeline promised. If I have anything else I need done, I will absolutely be back.

  • amassed

    Fast, straight to the point and very comprehensive. Thank you.

  • amc_media

    Very fast response time, very reliable work. Thanks!

  • amesrichardso

    Very helpful thanks!

  • amici1987

    Outstanding Experience!

  • amoama

    Outstanding Experience!

  • amybutcher

    Fantastic service. Exactly what I wanted and lightning fast!

  • amycolemanl

    Very helpful information and a good road map for improving the company’s use of Google Analytics. He knows his stuff!

  • amypettijohn

    Quick service! Specific advice that I found helpful!

  • andreas_d

    Nice work, good feedback for website design and development!

  • andrewdiaz563

    Amazing work. Will with only this seller for related issues

  • andreweg

    Excellent – job well done. Much appreciated.

  • andreweisenberg

    Lived up to billing, did a great job and offered lots of comprehensive and valuable advice.

  • andrewforrester

    Outstanding Experience!

  • andrewking47

    Great job! Very fast also! Much Obliged!!!!!!!

  • andybarr


  • andycarothers

    Great, quick-hit feedback. Just what we needed and not lose the forest before the trees. Will use this again.

  • andychouchou

    Great stuff!

  • andylonghurst83

    Great suggestions.

  • andyzheng

    It is a absolute pleasure to deal with. Had a wonderful experience with his Website speed gig, fast delivery, great result and detailed reports as well. Will come back again.

  • anniemarina

    Great service, thank you very much!

  • anthonylee220

    Dan was Amazing!! Awesome communication had it done before schedule and there to help after delivery if I had problems or issues. Answered every question I had….and I had a lot. Totally recommend worth every Penney.

  • anthonymeyer01

    Communication was great. Service was good. I am not sure the work that was provided was warranted the $100 for 2 hours. I think I should have been provided more support for the price.

  • anthonyspark

    Been working with Dan for over 2 years, he’s such a pro. I’m so glad he’s available on Fiverr. Yes, I’m a completely satisfied buyer

  • antoniamar

    Thank you! None of the things I tried to do on my own (CDN etc) had any effect on speeding up my site. My webpagetest rating definitely improved.

  • antonioesteves

    Outstanding Experience!

  • antonmorrison

    Very good on all fronts, will use again but would highly recommend the premium service.

  • antonybull86

    Thank You very much!!!! very helpful thanks

  • apage101

    Great service, would hire again

  • apgrau

    Easy to work with. Fast and quality delivery.

  • aquafloat

    Outstanding Experience!

  • aquirantes

    Good suggestions. Good work

  • argammat

    He did not do any thing

  • arjetamehmeti

    Outstanding Experience!

  • arlene1081

    By far the best experience I have had on Fiverr so far. Work was delivered much sooner then expected, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I appreciate your work, God Bless

  • arrutledg

    Looks great. Very professional. Loved the .pdf. Thanks!!!

  • artin_federated

    Will hire again.

  • artrobb

    Excellent job! Thanks Dan. I will definitely order more.

  • artsparkdesign

    Great job!

  • ashreys

    Thank you

  • aslphoto

    Fantastic website review. His analysis was very thorough and had tons of great suggestions. I highly recommend him if you think your website needs a few UX tweaks, but don’t know exactly where.

  • astoria2

    Great Job! Will use again.

  • atahiker

    went beyond answering my questions and did a great fast job. ill be back for more business !

  • ating10

    High quality work, very experience and gets to the point on all the things that need to be worked on. Will definitely work with Dan again and highly recommend him to anyone interested in increasing conversions on their website!

  • atlantamocassin

    Outstanding Experience!

  • aubrey64

    Great Experience!

  • avalonleader

    Very well done — quick, responsive and even educational. Met expectations and provided a great final product!

  • averagetoelite

    Great work as always. Highly recommended.

  • aviator133

    Very pleased thank-you

  • awadballal

    Great, highly recommended. A+++

  • awrelia

    Outstanding Experience!

  • axemedia

    Satisfactory Experience

  • axteko

    Serious and professional. I will order again, thanks.

  • backpackrocks

    Figuring out the workings of Google Analytics. He wrote a professional report on my issues.

  • bangghz

    Got things done. Great detail in communication.